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21 Mag 2008



Yakuza: Like a Dragon
Jrpg a turni
Piattaforma: Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC
Sviluppatore: Ryu ga Gotoku Studios
Publisher: Sega
Director: Ryosuke Horii
Data di uscita: 16 Gennaio 2020 (JAP) - 10 Novembre 2020 (USA, EU)
Data di uscita PS5/XBS: 2 Marzo 2021
Sito ufficiale Jap: http://ryu-ga-gotoku.com/seven/
Sito ufficiale Eng: https://likeadragon.sega.com/

Since we’ve always done action up until now, doing action again and following the system system would honestly make it really hard to come up with something that goes beyond what we already had. We wanted to do something new and fresh.

The interface is still in development, so the appearance will change quite a bit.

The tempo of battle is not quite the same as selecting multiple commands, then watching the battle unfold based on the actions you selected… More than pure action… it is quite close to the feeling of endlessly watching a battle between several people.

It’ll take some getting used to, but there are some tricks here and there, and if you learn them, you can play with the same habit of playing an action game.

If what you’re picturing is an old school command RPG, then that’s the wrong impression. This will be completely different.

We’re not fans of the slow pace, so it is not our intention in the least to create that sort of thing.

There is also an auto battle feature. The AI is quite intelligent.

There are some crazy developments we can do that go beyond the limits of Heat Actions and such that we are able to accomplish because we’re making an RPG.

While we considered doing a hybrid of action and command, it would be the same as creating two titles and there wasn’t enough time for that.

There is an action-like element where, after selecting a command, you can follow up with a final blow attack through additional button input.

If a party member is near an enemy character when you attack, the party member will also join in on the attack.

If you didn’t know what it was, you would think you’re playing an action game.


Uno stralcio dell'intervista sul nuovo imminente capitolo di Yakuza in arrivo nel 2020 anche in occidente.
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25 Nov 2009
Yakuza come JRPG a turni...

I pesci d'aprile che diventano realtà. :asd:  

Curiosissimo di vedere come viene fuori. 

(Mi trasformano Yakuza in un JRPG e Sakura Wars in un action, Sega è in fase follia pura... XD)

Ecco qui parecchi nuovi scan e una serie di info tratte dalle pagine di intervista.

















  • Unlike Kazuma Kiryu, Ichiban Kasuga is not a man of immense strength who can march into enemy territory by himself. He fights alongside his friends, and the game system that best expresses this fact is an RPG.
  • The April Fool’s video was well received. Since we never said that’s how its going to be, the legitimacy of the praise is another question entirely.
  • We want to prove that Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio can properly create something other than an action adventure game.
  • While it may have been a decision that deviates from assured income on the business side, upper management recognized our courage to take a leap of faith and go down a new path.
  • This is a numbered Yakuza title because the studio considers it a true successor of the Yakuza series.
  • By developing and leveling up your characters, you will be able to compete against stronger enemies. The concept of Yakuza 7 is to be able to experience a “rise up from the bottom.”
  • Character abilities, preparations made before battle, combination of party members, and strategies will influence the outcome of battles.
  • There are no elements where traditional forms of action step in.
  • It feels as if you are playing an action game.
  • Rather than play out a set “scene” like your typical command RPG, the surroundings are calculated and controlled in real-time. If there is a trash can or bicycle nearby, you will automatically kick it to attack. If a car passes by, it can run you over. Judging your surroundings is another form of strategy.
  • Each attack has an attack range, and you can also deal area-of-effect damage.
  • The flow of the story is the same as the episodes depicted in Yakuza Online, but everything from character relationships to events is different.
  • Overall gameplay time is longer than previous titles. The main story alone is more than twice as long.
  • By playing sub-stories and play spots, both Kasuga and his party will become stronger. You can also earn money, experience points, and skills.
  • You can set jobs for characters.
  • You can also play it like a pure RPG where you earn experience points and level up through battle alone.
  • Depending on the party member, there are both jobs that are easy to become, as well as jobs difficult to become.
  • The game uses a symbol encounter system. There are also enemies that appear out of nowhere and turn into battles.
  • The feeling of walking the streets is the same as previous titles.
  • The map size has significantly increased, and some areas have strong enemies that cannot be defeated unless you develop your characters to a certain level.
  • There is a fast travel system.
  • There will not be any areas blocked off due the story. Instead, strong enemies will act as barriers.
  • Like an RPG, you can equip a weapon and accessories, as well as head, body, and leg equipment.
  • There are also elemental weapons.
  • Yokohama is not ruled by either the Tojo Clan or the Omi Alliance. You will find out why when you play the game.
  • The in-game Ijincho is quite different from the Chojamachi of the real world. It incorporates the essence that it used to be an entertainment district back in the day.
  • Ijincho is made into the point that people who live around the real Yokohama might get mad at us and say, “Our city isn’t like this!”
  • Not including dungeons and such, the pure size of the area is three to four times bigger than Kamurocho.
  • Each area has different grade equipment you can buy.
  • You will also go to Kamurocho at a certain point in the game.
  • Dragon Quest appears as a normal world that exists in the game.
  • The name Dragon Quest itself is used quite often. Puff-Puff also appears, but with different wording.
  • When you enter battle, both your own and the enemy’s appearance transform. Enemies will wear trash cans on their heads, be half-naked, or have different names. Even party members will suddenly pull out swords.
  • Battles are depicted as RPG-like landscapes because that is how Kasuga imagines them. From an outsider’s perspective, it’s just seen as a regular fight.
  • The only form of enjoyment Kasuga ever had as a child was playing Dragon Quest. He pictures himself as the hero who will one day go on an adventure. His belief in fighting fair and square was influenced by Dragon Quest. Battles are constantly influenced by the world of Dragon Quest.
  • Being betrayed by his boss and cast away in a strange land is Kasuga in the midst of his adventure. Making allies strengthens that feeling, and that is what we’re expressing with battles this time.
  • When it is a game set in modern times, it’s hard to tell how strong a character is just by their looks or features. The theme of Kasuga’s battles is to make that distinguishable by implementing RPG elements.
  • For instance, if the enemy is using an excavator, punching an excavator doesn’t look realistic at all in real life. Although if the looks are altered, it’ll make sense.
  • Playing it still feels like a Yakuza game, nothing has been lost there.
  • We’re not tackling simple ideas and habits. We chose the name Yakuza 7 with readiness, determination, and pride.
  • Recently some people tell me, “I’m a fan! I’ve watched all the past titles on Let’s Plays!” But are they truly fans? I’d say they absolutely are. I consider a kind of reply to this situation is Yakuza 7.
  • The real life value of a game creator is to make something that you will actually want to play with a controller. I want to make something that won’t satisfy with Let’s Plays alone. We’re actually making this with a pretty serious theme of “reinventing where video games stand as a media.”



Vincent 86

jrpg world
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10 Gen 2009
Sinceramente avrei preferito un sistema di combattimento action come i capitoli precedenti, ma devo ammettere di essere abbastanza curioso di vedere questo particolare cambiamento. :asd:

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25 Nov 2009


Just Monika
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24 Apr 2009
è sempre stato un jrpg yakuza con questo bs lo sarà ancora piu evidente ai più :asd:

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21 Mag 2008
The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has new information on Yakuza: Like a Dragon (Yakuza 7: Whereabouts of Light and Darkness).

Get the tidbits below.


Saeko Mukouda (voiced by Sumire Uesaka) – Cabaret hostess.

Kouichi Adachi (voiced by Akio Ootsuka) – A former detective. He has received an unreasonable demotion by Horinouchi, the Superintendent General of the Metropolitan Police, for revolting against him. He is working with protagonist Ichiban Kasuga to get closer to Masumi Arakawa, who holds the evidence.

Live Command RPG Battle

When a battle begins, the regular people and those wearing delinquent-like outfits on the field will transform into RPG-like enemy characters with mohawks, or be half-naked, and have weapons.


By paying money on your smartphone in battle, you can summon help. A large number of characters can be summoned, including Gary Buster Holmes, Gonda Wara, a crayfish, and more. Summons can support you in battle through attack, recovery, and more.

Play Spots

Dragon Kart  – A racing game set on a course in the streets of Yokosuka. Pick up boxes to obtain weapons like a rocket launcher or Gatling gun.

Traditional Movie Theater – Ichiban Kasuga always falls asleep in the middle of a movie. This is a button-pressing (rhythm game?) where Kasuga battles the temptation of a sheep man in order to overcome that sleepiness.

PachiSlot – PachiSlot games Million God: Kamigami no Gaisen Another God Hades: Ubowareta ZEUS Ver., PachiSlot Fist of the Blue Sky: Houyuu, and PachiSlot Moujuuou: Ouja no Houkou appear. Settings do not reset when you leave the parlor, but rather change with specific timing. Machines located closer to the entrance have higher rates, which reflect the settings of real life parlors. This is the only PachiSlot simulator running on PlayStation 4.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is due out for PlayStation 4 on January 16, 2020 in Japan, and in 2020 in the Americas and Europe.

Qualche nuova info sui personaggie il gameplay. :ayaya:

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25 Nov 2009
Ecco gli scan del Famitsu da cui le info postate da Igniz







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25 Nov 2009
Tre video, tante immagini e nuovi dettagli per Yakuza: Like a Dragon su PS4

Immagini e dettagli

■ Play Spots

Dragon Kart


Dragon Kart is a dangerous racing game that turns the town areas of Yokohama into a course you race around in modded karts. Surpass quirky rivals and aim for first place. Also, many dangerous attack items such as a “Rocket Launcher” will appear during the race. By using these, you can crash your rivals’ karts. Karts can be swapped and customized. Polishing your racing skills is one way to go about winning, or you can focus entirely on attacking. However you choose to do it, aim to dominate the Grand Prix.

—Drift and corner your kart in a Chinatown-esque cityscape. Polish your techniques and surpass your rivals!


—Many item boxes appear on the course. In addition to boost items, you can also obtain attack items like a Rocket Launcher or Gatling Gun. Fire away to crash your enemies and immediately speed past them!


Traditional Movie Theater


The Traditional Movie Theater is a play spot where you can see various genres of movies from action to documentaries. But during the movie, “sleepiness” will attack Ichiban Kasuga time and time again to try to put him to sleep. Repel the sleepiness that comes again and again by quickly pressing the buttons indicated on the screen. The game is cleared when you have watched the movie until the end.

—Uminekoza shows a total of 10 movies. By overcoming your sleepiness and watching these movies until the end, your abilities will grow.


—The sleepiness that attacks takes the form of sheep heads. Sleepiness attacks from the shadows of the theater seat to try to lower Kasuga’s vitality gauge. If it reaches zero, you will get a game over.






PachiSlot, a popular play spot in the series thus far, reappears in Yakuza: Like a Dragon as the “Definitive PachiSlot Simulator,” featuring everything from the latest machines to highly regarded and well-known machines. Universal Entertainment’s Million God: Kamigami no Gaisen and Another God Hades: Ubowareta ZEUS Ver., and Sammy’s PachiSlot Fist of the Blue Sky: Houyuu and PachiSlot Moujuuou: Ouja no Houkou are all perfectly reproduced through dream collaborations. These can be played as play spots at PIA, Espace Nittaku, and Maruhan in Isezaki Ijincho and Kamurocho. Each machine also has a mode that lets you play with your favorite settings.

*Million God: Kamigami no Gaisen and Another God Hades: Ubowareta ZEUS Ver. will be released as free downloadable content day and date with the game’s release.

—Million God: Kamigami no Gaisen


—Another God Hades: Ubowareta ZEUS Ver.


—PachiSlot Fist of the Blue Sky: Houyuu


—PachiSlot Moujuuou: Ouja no Houkou


■ Characters

Saeko Mukouda (voiced by Sumire Uesaka)


She works for the cabaret club run by Nonomiya, owner of the long standing soapland (brothel) Otohime Land. Nonomiya has great faith in her, and even entrusts her to running the shop. She gets to know Ichiban Kasuga after a certain event.


Kouichi Adachi (voiced by Akio Ootsuka)


When he was working as a criminal investigator for the police, he was handed an unreasonable demotion by his boss Juurou Horinouchi, the current Superintendent General of the Metropolitan Police, for defying Horinouchi regarding the true culprit of a case. After investigating Horinouchi’s affairs, he arrived at a bribery scandal between Horinouchi and Masumi Arakawa. Adachi works with Ichiban Kasuga to get close to Masumi Arakawa, who seems to have the evidence he needs.


Story trailer

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25 Nov 2009
Nuovi video di gameplay

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21 Mag 2008
Il minigioco dei go kart sembra molto intrigante.... :asd:

Il bs non sembra malaccio anche se non mi spiego bene questo cambio così netto rispetto al passato.Resto fiducioso sulla qualità del prodotto finale. :welcome:

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21 Mag 2008
Today Sega released a new gallery of screenshots of the upcoming JRPG Ryu ga Gotoku 7, which will be released in the west as Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

First of all, we get to see a rather popular activity among middle-aged dudes in Japan, Pachislot. The Yakuza games have always been the perfect ojisan simulator, and this one appears to be no exception.

The game will include four real-life pachislot machines, including one theme after Fist of the North Star. On top of that, thanks to a collaboration with three different pachinko parlor chains, their shops will appear as well.

Players will be able to enjoy the quasi-gambling machines with their favorite settings, and Sega is aiming to realize a “definitive pachislot simulator”

We also get to see the Kart minigame that mix racing and guns to defeat your rivals. You can win both with speed or force, or a mix or the two.

The Masterpiece theater is also a new play spot that can be found in an old movie theater in Isezaki Ijincho.

Our hero Ichiban Kasuga goes there to watch old movies, but suspicious “Sleepers” with sheep masks will try to induce him to fall asleep. He can resist their influence by pressing the right buns.

If you’re unsuccessful he’ll fall asleep and gain nothing. If you’re successful, finishing the movies will contribute to his growth.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon will launch in Japan on January 16, 2020, exclusively for PS4. It’ll also come west later next year.

Molte nuove immagini e grosse collaborazioni per creare il pachislot definitivo.... :coosaa:

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25 Nov 2009
Ancora immagini, e alcuni dettagli sul nuovo battle system JRPGoso.

Attacchi, summon, classi... e un po' di Dragon Quest.

Qui tutte le immagini:


Dettagli sul BS

We learn that the new protagonist Ichiban Kasuga lived a lonely childhood in a soapland without knowing who his parents were. The only pleasure for him was playing Dragon Quest, which he had found in the office.

Driven by his loneliness and fascinated by Dragon Quest, who provided him with his first experience of an adventure, Ichiban always dreamed to become a hero fighting for justice side by side with his friends.

Since then, Dragon Quest has always been at the edge of Ichiban’s consciousness, and even in life-or-death situations, he fights enemies like they were monsters.

Due to this, in the game, the appearance of enemies will change as they were monsters, allowing the player to enjoy fighting unique opponents while maintaining the traditional Yakuza setting.

The Live Command RPG Battle system combines the traditional Yakuza action battles with RPG mechanics that everyone can enjoy.

Despite being turn-based, dynamic, high-speed battles will develop pretty much in real-time around the player. At the same time, this improves battle strategy greatly, with elements like positioning and environment having a significant impact on the battle.

On top of basic actions like attack, defend, and withdraw, there are original elements like “extreme skill” and “delivery help.”

Extreme skills include elements like attack, recovery, buff, and even what traditional Yakuza players know as “heat actions.”

Many extreme skills require pressing a sequence of buttons at the right time, so you can experience a feeling of action even in turn-based gameplay.

As mentioned above, positioning is important. If you attack a distant enemy, another can get in your way. On the other hand, if one of your characters is in the way of an attack, they can follow-up. The flow of battle changes rapidly in real-time.

There are many kinds of ranged and cooperative attacks, and their effectiveness varies on the position of the enemies and on the layout of the environment.

The result is a strategic battle system unique to this game, and not simply a “select command” thing.

Using elements of the surrounding as weapons is still in the game. There’s a bicycle close by your character will perhaps pick it up automatically and use it as a weapon, or they will kick an item laying in front of them right in the face of an enemy.

Characters have access to jobs pretty much like in traditional RPGs.

Ichiban’s base class is “hero” and he is a powerful all-rounder fighting with bats. He can learn flexible heat actions that can be adapted to many situations like “Buster Attack” or “Mega Swing,” which can hit enemies in a wide range.

He also has extreme skills that can heal his companions or buff their attack power.

Adachi, class is a “detective” combining the use of a baton with arrest techniques used by the police.

He is a powerful warrior-type that can use his left hand to strike and his right hand to restrain. He can even hinder enemy movements.

Namba’s base job is “homeless.” he can control pigeons, blow fiery blazes, and debuff them with his stinking breath. It’s basically like a mage-type wielding umbrellas and canes.

His normal attacks aren’t very powerful, but his “magical” attacks are. He can unleash a flock of pigeons or use a lighter and alcohol as a flamethrower. He even has an extreme skill that lets him “beg” enemies to receive items.

Saeko’s base class is “chimama” (which in Japan is the lady in charge of an establishment in a red-light district, in this case, a hostess club), which is basically the equivalent of a magic warrior.

She can use her handbag to knock down enemies and debuff them. She can blind them with her makeup powder, or self-strengthen with yoga.

Last, but not least, we take a look at the “Delivery Help” feature, which is basically a summoning service. Ichiban Kasuga can call the service and pay money and “summon” services with varying effects like area attacks or healing.

Summons with powerful effects cost a lot, so it’s relevant to save money prudently. As you advance in the main story and clear sub-quests, the variety of characters you can summon will increase.

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21 Mag 2008
The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu introduces the Fortuneteller, Riot Police, and Idol jobs of Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

In Yakuza: Like a Dragon, jobs are the equivalent RPG classes, and each offer different traits and abilities. The Fortuneteller job, for example, is the game’s equivalent to the “mage” class.

Here are the details:

Fortuneteller – Unleashes various techniques that come with mysterious effects via the crystal ball they hold in their hand. Force enemies into a swirl of agony with fire and electricity. Their defense is low, however. In a fantasy RPG, they would be the “mage” class.

Riot Police – A job with high defense power thanks to its big shield and full-body protector. In a fantasy RPG, they would be the “knight” class.

Idol – A female-exclusive job that specializes in enchanting enemies and healing allies. With mic in hand, it uses physical attacks and song-based techniques, and has fairly decent attack and defense power. In a fantasy RPG, they would be the “dancer” class.

It should be noted that Yakuza: Like a Dragon has parameters called “Life Experience” (charm, enthusiasm, mentality, kindness, cheerfulness, etc.), and if you do not meet the required Life Experience for each job, you will not be able to switch to that job. Life Experience rises as you complete quests and enjoy Play Spots.

Presentate le tre classi in Yakuza 7 : Fortune Teller, Riot Police e Idol che corrisponderebbero ai classici Mago,Cavaliere e Incantatore. :ayaya:

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25 Nov 2009
E 4 scans.







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8 Ago 2006
Ciao a tutti. Nel mio viaggio in Giappone di qualche settimana fa, ho recuperato per PS3 Yakuza Kenzan! e Yakuza Ishin. Del Kenzen ricordo che anni fa era stata pubblicata qui su spaziogames una traduzione in Italiano. Qualcuno per caso ce l'ha ancora?  Riuscirebbe a passarmela. Grazie mille a tutti

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21 Mag 2008
Sega has shared new information and screenshots of Yakuza: Like a Dragon detailing the game’s “Life Experience” growth element, which was first introduced in Weekly Famitsu last week.

Get the details below.

■ Life Experience

“Life Experience” consists of six parameters that represent protagonist Ichiban Kasuga’s characteristics and human nature. Those parameters are “Enthusiasm,” “Mentality,” “Cheerfulness,” “Kindness,” “Intelligence,” and “Stylishness.”

There are various merits to building up Life Experience, such as getting a specific job through Hello Work, talking to people you would normally not bother to talk to, gaining the upper hand in battle, and becoming more popular with women. Build up all sorts of experience to strengthen Kasuga’s Life Experience.


Your Life Experience parameters will develop based on your actions and choices. Here is an outline of each parameter in greater detail:

  • Enthusiasm – The source of “willingness” and “romance.” Develops through enthusiastic conduct and doing things with utmost effort.
  • Mentality – The source of “mental strength” and “concentration.” Develops through situations that test your courage and emotional strength.
  • Cheerfulness – The source of “sociability” and “brightness.” Develops through actions that lighten the mood.
  • Kindness – The source of “broad-mindedness” and “empathy.” Develops through kind interaction with people, animals, and nature.
  • Intelligence – The source of “education” and “memory.” Develops through logical suggestion and studying.
  • Stylishness – The source of “charm” and “character.” Develops through clever exchange and dignified behavior.
■ How to Increase Life Experience

Life Experience accumulates through various actions, including helping those in need and enjoying Play Spots. Life Experience also accumulates through choices made in events for sub-stories and the like. Assertively playing, learning, and interacting with the people you encounter is the shortcut to building up Life Experience.


■ An Example of How to Increase Life Experience

Ocean Qualification School: A Play Spot that Significantly Increases Kasuga’s Life Experience

“Ocean Qualification School” is a new Play Spot that you will be able to visit as you progress through the story, and by passing the various qualifying exams you can take there, Kasuga’s Life Experience will rapidly increase.

At the Qualification School, you can take exams with questions in a variety of genres, from “History,” where you can get a general education on Japanese and world history, to “Isezaki Ijincho Certification,” which is filled with questions for Isezaki Ijincho enthusiasts.

Exams are four-choice quizzes where you must answer the questions within the allotted time. Pass various tests to improve Kasuga’s human nature.




Every Play Spot Increases Kasuga’s Life Experience

In addition to building up Kasuga’s Life Experience through the aforementioned sub-stories and Qualification School, Life Experience can also be accumulated through various Play Spots including Golf, PachiSlot, Dragon Kart, and more. Enjoy the city’s various Play Spots and increase your Life Experience to enjoy the game with an upper hand.


Yakuza: Like a Dragon is due out for PlayStation 4 on January 16, 2020 in Japan, and in 2020 in the Americas and Europe. Read more about the game herehere, and here.


Nuove immagini sul sistema di crescita in Yakuza : Like a Dragon. :up:

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25 Nov 2009
Alcune immagini e dettagli sul sistema di Relationship, che ricorda i Social Link di Persona.

Qui le immagini:


Ed ecco le info:

The screenshots focuses another new element introduced in the game, the ability to deepen the relationship with Ichiban Kasuga’s friends. By deepening those bonds you’ll be able to gain advantages in battle, unlock new jobs for your buddies, and even enable co-op attacks with them. 

There are multiple ways to improve the relationship with your friends, including emnjoying minigames and play spots together.  For instance, you can go to the movie theater and watch a movie with one of them. You can also eat together, and if you pick the right meal a special coversation defined “table talk” will occur. This improve the relationship. 

As those bonds become deeper, special side stories named “Relationship Drama” will become available. Your companions will reveal their hidden past, worries, and troubles. If you listen to them carefully and solve their problems, the relationship will progress considerably.  By clearing the Relationship Drama quests you’ll unlock a “Relationship Technique” which is a powerful co-op move that can be used with devastating effect against powerful enemies and bosses. The effect varies depending on the characters involved, but these techniques are among the strongest in the game. 

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25 Nov 2009
Il 29 ottobre, alle 13:00 italiane, ci sarà un nuovo livestream per Yakuza: Like a Dragon per PS4.

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25 Nov 2009
4 nuovi scan