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[MOD SP - in sviluppo] Phobos

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Hexen Terzo

In sviluppo da diverso tempo, questa TC divisa in 3 episodi farà impazzire tutti i DooMiani di più antica memoria:



SIto Ufficiale! //



The mod is still up-and-coming! Kritus posted a status update yesterday and along with it a few screenshots showing some of the team's latest work. Besides, we shall soon be acquainted with the mod features

Here's an update to let the community out there know that we're not dead! Our mappers have been busily mapping away like the little... mappers they are. I Kristus, have done some work on the Crew quarters/recreation area in e1m1, and Shaviro has been busy with e1m4, which he's now finished the architectual aspect of a few weeks ago. He's now fast at work on the continuation, e1m5. We also have a shot from e1m2 which is being created by Agent Spork. It's a true classic Doom3 style map. Yes! Dank and dark!

ci sono nuove immagini in circolazione :





da notare l'ambientazione acnhe all'aperto e la doppietta
metal.gif creenshots/shot12.png creenshots/shot10.png creenshots/shot9.png

Hexen Terzo

Altre news, pare che il primo episodio sia quasi completato, il secondo in fase avanzata di sviluppo e il terzo a buon punto! :schiuma:

ps: devo dividere in due parti perchè ci sono troppe imb, ma questo e quello successivo sono collegati.

Here we are with a relaunch of our website and exciting news for you all.

This the new look of our space and will contain info and regular news updates. Thanks to Manc for that.

What is Doom 3: Phobos? I forgot

Doom 3: Phobos is a 3 episode project which continues the story in Doom 3. It is set in between Doom 3 and its expansion pack, Resurrection of Evil. Doom 3: Phobos will feature more variation than the original 2004 game, and will bring back more of the traits that made the original Dooms successful. It is a very exciting project to work on and we are pleased to be making this update. You can read more about the project in the story and features sections.



Where have we been for the past two and a half years?

We've been all over the place. Everywhere but on our website. Since the last update, most of the core members of the team have been relocating their lives. Some have moved out while others have moved together or apart. The important factor, however, is that while we have been all over the place physically, we've been able to stay the same place here on the web. Communication is paramount.



What have we been doing?

The short answer is; Working hard.

Doom 3: Phobos is a huge priority for us. While we're not all able to spend 8 hours on the project every day, we're making it our goal to work on it on a very regular basis. It's a matter of making the action of designing levels, modeling and writing a habit. This idea of keeping the progress alive and always flowing is what has brought the team through hard times. There is always progress on this team. We discuss the mod on a daily basis.



Since our last update, Episode 1 has almost been completed. Episode 2 has received a lot of work and Episode 3 is well under way. Several new creatures have been modelled, textured and rigged. We are getting to a point where the long, dark tunnel suddenly has a white glimpse of light at the end.



Hexen Terzo


So, what's new?
We'd like to take this opportunity of the relaunch, to show you a creature of Phobos; The Arachnotron. This is a enemy that we're really proud of. The original concept came from one of the early Doom 3 promotional videos. It was modelled and textured by our top-notch modeller, Tintin. As you may already know, the Arachnotron featured in Doom 2, sporting a frightening plasma gun that would rip the player to shreds in no time. This new version is no different. It will be placed in monster hierachy in the medium sized category, just above the Hell Knight. New monster creations will push back the Doom 3 cast and make up a BIG sized category. Doom is about to get a lot trickier.



Other new monsters include the Bereft Soul, an explosive flier which will give the player yet another reason to keep his finger on the trigger. Spawning the Forgotten Souls (Resurrection of Evil), the Pain Elemental is also reintroduced. We have an array of other new creations waiting in the shadows.



Doom 3: Phobos introduces a new shotgun to replace the Doom 3 shotgun. With the Super Shotgun in place, there is no need for two wide-spread shotguns. The Phobos shotgun will resemble the original Doom shotgun more.



How far along is the project?

We have come a long way, and it's really starting to shape up. With excellent contributions from DoomUK and geX, the project is receiving a unique look that will separate the mod from the original game. We are not going to fool ourselve, though. There is still a long way to go, but we're doing this the right way and are confident that the end result will be spectacular. We've had steady progress ever since we started back in 2004. Our game philosophy is strong and outspoken throughout the assets we have created.

We need help

This is a very ambitious project with a lot of required manhours. It's going to be finished one way or the other, but we would like to finish it sooner rather than later. That is why we need your help. Navigate to our "Help Wanted" section and see if you fit in any of the roles. Team Future is a very dedicated team, rich with talent and valuable collaboration.



Keep checking this space for news. We are going to be updating regularly with devlogs and more information on the site.

Hexen Terzo

Phobos Devblog #3

Disponibile ancora un aggiornamento di questa TC SP per DooM III: gli sviluppatori mostrano akcune mappe e parlano del loro lavoro, dalle ultime immagini possiamo notare come il lavoro sia di assoluta qualità!

The last month has been kinda quiet at the Team Future 'office'. It's been christmas, and like any other mod team, working people are having time off to see family and enjoy the holiday. But it has also been busy in the way that we recently were contacted by a german magazine called PCAction. They wanted to include us in their next issue, and we were more than happy about that. This, however, doesnt mean that all you non german people can't see the pictures. No, we are in fact going to release these on our site together with an update or a devblog, like this.

So. At the end of this devblog, you'll see two high resolution screenshots from Episode 1. We know we haven't been too kind with the high-res shots. We have actually only released one, but bear with us. They are coming. As for the rest of the devblog, we would like to talk a little about three individual maps from Episode 1 that we have been working on the last month's time.

We have also got a few new members. Isilme and Steevah. Steevah has been with us for a little while now. And since he is a concept artist he already did some concepts for us. Isilme is a new prop modeler that we hope will help us flesh out our maps with great looking props. On to the maps.

E1M1 - Mars City (geX)

Even though I'm the only one writing about this map it doesn't mean I'm the only one working on it. When this map is done all the level designers will have worked on it. This fits nicely together with our idea about us getting the best out of eachother as mappers. And this will really help you have a great start with Doom 3: Phobos. Since this is the first map of the game, we want you to get to know the world and feel very quickly when you first enter it.

With this map we are also explaining a lot from the original doom 3 games. Like where did all the magazines and half-eaten burgers come from? Where did people live and relax? This map is going to show you more of mars city that you would think would be there. This will help you feel that this is a city, and not just some random facility where people only work at. People actually live on mars, but they can't do that in labs only.

We are aiming at having E1M1 be kind of like a sandbox. You actually don't have to go visit all these areas, since you will only have one real goal that you can achieve fairly fast, but that doesn't mean that you can't look around and maybe even find new goals to complete. And this will also help you immerse yourself into the world of doom 3 even more than before.

E1M2 - Electrical Sub-Systems (DoomUK)

Once again, this level has been a collaborative effort between several team members, passing the baton between each other and taking turns to add geometry and layers of detail.

E1M2 can essentially be divided into two areas: Administration and Electrical Sub-Systems (ESS). While most of my contribution to the level has been focused around the industrial ESS sector, shaviro and bkt produced a large amount of work towards the Admin section. This gives the level a fitting amount of contrast in atmosphere.

As far as the aesthetics of ESS go, we wanted to capture the industrial themes presented in Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil, but giving it a flavour of our own. Towering heavy machinery, gloomy corridors and a myriad of pipelines are all present, but with with a new take in regards to lighting.

Concerning gameplay, E1M2 has a good mix of horizontal and vertical level design philosophies. We came to a conclusion that D3: Phobos is not just a corridor shooter, and this level captures this attitude.

E1M3 - The Landing Terminal (shaviro)

Episode 1 Level 3 is a level that has been a long time in the making. It has briefly changed hands between geX, DoomUK and me. The level itself takes place in and around a landing terminal. This terminal is connected to a hangar on one side, and Mars City (including E1M1 areas) on the other. The hangar in E1M3 is a more official route to and from Mars City than the one seen in retail Doom 3. It's because of this that we chose to make an actual landing terminal where "travelers" would wait for scheduled lifts off Mars.

Not at all unlike E1M2, these considerations have resulted in two predominant styles: Mars City and Maintenance. Mars City style is a polished, friendly look that has already been seen in Doom3. Maintenance is the more gritty look where you get all your pipes, shadows and other Doom cravings. Another area of this level is an outdoor area in the center of the map, where you can see the top of the hangar doors as well as the buildings you roam. We have already shown this area in the Arachnotron shot. The monster and its combatants are actually standing on the hangar doors.

E1M3 is going to have a large focus on environmental puzzles. The level is like a jigsaw puzzle that will slowly be put together in order to progress.

That's it for the maps. As promised, here are two high-resolution shots:



Amo il lavoro che sta facendo il Team Future.

Spero che Shaviro e il resto del team si stiano mettendo al lavoro :unsisi:


Hexen Terzo

Ed ora lil quarto aggiormanento.

News a questo indirizzo:

A new member has joined the team. He goes by the name Gait, is a level designer and has already started work on Episode 3. Welcome to the team.
But let's get started with what its all about, the models for Doom 3: Phobos. We, early on, knew that we wanted to create new monsters and characters. For this we needed new models that had the same quality, style and general look as Doom 3. This was very important for us because we are making an expansion. Few things would be worse than having the player realize that certain elements of the world just didn't fit in. The illusion would break.

When it came to the Federal Commonwealth of Earth, it was very important that they looked to be somewhat on the same quality level as the UAC. Even though we are using a little more polygons and higher resolution textures, we didnt take it too far because they had to fit inside Doom 3 and not stick out as foreign objects. We are making new faces for the FCE, and perhaps even the UAC marines as well. The reasoning behind that is that hey could use new heads, both for variety and a general quality upgrade.

The FCE hires women, too, and you will get to see them. We had a good discussion about this, and we quickly figured out that you too often see women blown out of proportions in video games. We are not going to follow that lead. We wanted them to be just as any other FCE soldier, but with the few modifications to the armor that are of course needed for women to wear them.

It wasn't at all hard for us to come up with monsters we wanted to add. Most Doom 3 fans know about the Arachnotron concept. We wanted to realise that and insert it into our game. We also looked over other classic Doom monsters that needed an upgrade.

Something people often forget about when talking models, is prop and map models. We work very closely with our modelers in order to make our areas even better with some great properties. A few of our mappers, like kristus, are able to make models themselves. That's very fitting in kristus' case as he is working on the hell episode. The fact that we are creating a new base on the martian moon of Phobos with a whole different style, demands new models as well. We knew we needed new probs for this. Of cause, you will still see some of the old cargo crates and barrels, but for the most part you will see new doors, computers and other environmental props.

These are just a few of our characters and prop models. All the examples seen in this devblog were made by tintin, our lead modeller.

Come back for a new devblog on Episode 2 of Phobos soon //

Hexen Terzo

Amo il lavoro che sta facendo il Team Future. Spero che Shaviro e il resto del team si stiano mettendo al lavoro :unsisi:
stanno lavorando stanno lavorando :Morris82::Morris82::Morris82:

io personalmente sto sbavando non poco dietro questa TC, spero i tempi non siano ancora lunghi //



Sinceramente, non ti so dire i tempi. L'ultima volta che ho avuto delle news su questo progetto è stato 7-8 mesi fa circa, quando Kristus venne in giro sulla Doom Community a reclutare gente. Disse che c'erano stati degli stalli su questo progetto, quindi è probabile che dovremo aspettare ancora un pochino. :Morris82:


Hexen Terzo

dai che non manca molto!!!

Devblog #5 - There is a man on Phobos

After our last devblog we have seen some nice interest in Doom 3: Phobos. We greatly apprieciate the extremely positive feeback we have been getting. It makes it all even more worth while. Along with the interest we have accepted quite a few new members.

Bobbeh: Prop modeler.

GregTaylor: Character concept artist.

Neurological: Music/sounds and Gui guy.

Nynedown: Character modeler.

Chung Wong: Character/prop modeler.

Thank you all for joining. It will be great working with you.

Now, to continue down the road of devblog #3, we will tell you a bit about the maps in episode two. Episode two will take place on the martian moon of Phobos. As you may already know, the base on Phobos was established much later than the base on Mars, making it newer in both appearance and functionality. This is something we have worked hard to achieve, and we are half way there.

Episode 2 is the pivot point of the story, hence the name of the mod. It is there the story will really begin to take shape and you will begin to learn a lot about what you encountered in episode 1.

When working on episode 2, geX and I have spent a lot of time laying the foundation for the layout. The main challenge has been to create something that was different from Episode 1, but not so different that it would feel disjoint. This has lead us to some obvious inspirational sources, so the attentive player will notice a great deal of style references from things like Star Wars or the original Doom series. We have take a lot of care into making Episode 2 connect with the original Doom in style.

E2M4 - Containment Area (shaviro)

The Containment Area shares more than its name with Doom 1 E2M2. The layout of the level is heavily inspired by its old namesake. The area itself holds a lot of crates, obviously, and is connected to a platform further up above the surface of Phobos. This is the entry point to the moon for the FCE. Expect heavy resistance.

E2M4 contains more than just crates and conveyance. The establishment has been built upon ancient structures like those found on Mars. It is also here that the first signs of the hellish invasion are seen. Lava streams and general Doom gore are all around.

E2M6 - Command Control (geX)

This map is highly focused around water. As this part of the base is filled with water from the water systems. You need to find a way through the labyrinth of hallways without drowning. When working on this I thought a lot about how well valve have previously made these kind of areas feel like you were on the brim of drowning, and making you think very fast about your next move in order to survive.

After you survive the flooded area of this map you will end up nearer the surface, and you will have a good view of that and mars in the hologram control room. It is here you will find important information about how you succeed in the map and further maps aswell. Before you can this though, you will have to figure out how to turn on the servers again, since they have been shut down due to the water leak. In the way is the FCE who has a barricade in this part of the base.

E2M7 - Gravity Manipulator (shaviro)

This is a monumental level in both style and story. Once this level is over, the game will change pace and appearance, quite drastically. It is the epilogue for Phobos and the prologue for Hell. The level starts outside of a speed elevator with connected offices. The style is a weird mixture, yet beautiful. Ancient architecture and bricks combined with human metal and fixtures. Once the player has solved a puzzle, gaining access to the speed elevator, he starts it.

The elevator closes the doors and slowly warms up. Warnings are heard on the speaker system. The elevator starts. A window to cave wall and pipes reveal the incredible speed the elevator is reaching. We're going down, fast. Once the elevator has reached its low destination, we are near the core of Phobos. This is where it all begins. And ends.

As the player exits the elevator, it soon closes and goes back up, indicating that other people (or beings?) have called it back up. Leaving the elevator area, the player goes through new locales similar to the initial ones in style. On his way he encounters a lot of electrical equipment and battery stations, huge cables going up to the surface and other places on the bases of Phobos. This is where the electricity for all the teleporters (and more) comes from.

This is only the beginning of the level. Completing it will leave the player with a distinct before and after feeling.

That's it for the maps. As promised, here are two high-resolution shots:



leader zone
area network
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È entrato nel progetto anche il nostro Nicola, questo è un buon segno. :kappe:


Hexen Terzo

phobos devblog #6

the beginning of the end is not meant in a negative way. Far from it. The beginning of the end is the beginning of the end of development, and i stress the word "beginning". Some really exciting developments have taken place within the last months. It really all started back in 2007 when a proposal for an internal demo level was made. It didn't take off right away and we were back to business as usual. 1,5 years later the idea was reproposed and we felt the time was right. We have begun the finalization of two maps in episode 1. E1m2 and e1m3. M2 was already very far in development when we picked it up and m3 was well on its way.

we are working on an internal demo. again, i must stress a word and this time it's "internal". We will not be releasing this demo as that is not the purpose of it. What the purpose is, however, is a way for us to "start in a corner" and work our way through the maps one by one or two by two. This means that when m2 and m3 are done, we will pick up m4 and m5. And by done, i mean playable with puzzles monsters, sounds and details. We can't have absolutely everything done in one go, but as much as is possible.

while kristus and gait are both hard at work on the third episode
(we will have an upcoming devblog about this episode. It will include screenshots and exciting new info), doomuk, gex and i are focusing on the internal demo. We each have our areas of expertise. Doomuk is extremely good at fleshing out unfinished rooms and corridors as well as detailing and lighting. As opposed to me, gex is really good at taking a defined assignment and run with it. He has put a huge amount of hours into this internal demo and done a lot of management. Personally, i'm best suited for putting it all together and the preliminary architectural work.


so how far in the process are we? we have reached a point with e1m2 where we don't have any additional rooms or areas planned that we haven't already made. We have a couple of testers looking through the maps for bugs. At the time this is being written, e1m2 is currently in the phase where we implement all the puzzles and progression of the map. We're making it functional in both play and script. E1m3 is receiving a lot of architectural work and is still a few weeks away from reaching the stage m2 is currently at, but it's only getting easier and faster for us. This truly is the beginning of the end and it has never been more exciting to work on doom 3: Phobos.